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EPC Inspections

The DEA will carry out a “non-intrusive” inspection of your home, in the case of flats and maisonettes it typically takes from 30 minutes for flats and up to 45 minutes for houses. During the DEA’s visit to the property, information is collected relating to the construction type such as cavity wall, below are examples of the cavity and solid walls.


Details of the Heating & Hot water systems, insulation within the external walls, loft insulation, windows and lighting systems are included. Below you will see a standard heating system. The Energy Assessor will note the type and make of the boiler and record the cylinder insulation.

Renewable Energy

The Heated space is determined by taking the dimensions of the property. New technologies such as Renewable Energy and Low Carbon are included where present. Examples of this would be Solar Panels, Solar Water, Wind Turbines and Biomass heaters.

Places where heat can escape from such as open flues, external doors, windows and open fire places etc are noted.

Also at the same time as checking the heating system, the Energy Assessor will check the components of the heating system, this includes thermostatic radiator valves, room thermostats and electronic programmable controllers for the boiler.
The Data collected is then processed using Government approved RdSAP software to produce an Energy Performance Certificate. The finished certificate will show the properties (EER) Energy Efficiency Rating and (EIR) Environmental Impact Rating.

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) − based on fuel costs.

Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) − based on carbon emissions.
The above Energy Ratings are determined mathematically by the software which also includes the EPC report.

Energy efficient improvements in the form of recommendations from the DEA are also included in the EPC report to each recommendation and itemised together with a value that shows the extent to which the rating could potentially increase. Where improvements are carried out based on recommendations a revised EPC can be issued to reflect the new rating value. All issued EPC’s are lodged on a Government database and are valid for 10 years.

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